A technology driven, IOT enabled, disruptive healthcare platform that provides real, continuous healthcare, anywhere and at any time.

BCD Beirut 10501, Lebanon

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What problems are we addressing?

Rising Healthcare costs

No one seems to be able to keep the cost of care from rising; not even governments


Hospitals can't do business in remote rural areas. this keeps too many people without access to care


Even in cities, getting to a hospital claims too many lives due to traffic and congestions

Care coverage

Paying for "in case" and "what if". You never get what you expect. There are always exceptions and you almost always end up paying out of pocket

conflict of interest

Healthcare insurance and healthcare provision don't mix. the first wants you to be healthy, the other goes out of business if you do.

Chronic and permanent care

Diabetes, Renal dysfunction, heart disease... long term care messes up too many lives

Why Are we doing this?

We have too many reasons for VM-Care. Most importantly it is because we believe that the healthcare system is broken and change is inevitable. The current healthcare model is not sustainable anymore. Here are a couple of reasons to get started:

  • Give back to the patients the key to their health
  • Provide an alternative Healthcare delivery model
  • Use technology to lower the cost of care
  • Provide convenient home care services
  • Provide affordable chronic and elderly care
  • Care delivery to remote and rural region
  • Promote healthy living and prevention
  • Analytics for population health management
  • job opportunities for thousands of medical students

What is it?


who Are we?

Rabih Maalouf

Owner and CEO

I want to turn this world upside down and empty the trash

Yolande Abi Dargham

Partner and COO

when right, the whole world cannot stop you

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